New Arrival

Traveller M430

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Join us for a journey through sound and colors

  • M430 Traveller

  • R630 Bon Vivant

  • R830 Explorer

Your best companion on the trip.

Traveling to anywhere with music by your side.

Enjoy unique feaures only with Traveller.

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Approaching the art of life with warmth and purity, Bon Vivant delivers an elegant HiFi experience.

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Explore wider and higher.

Reaching a wider spectrum of sounds and higher power by the speaker, Explorer is designed for trenscendence.

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, Rubyoung has been pushing boundaries in sound engineering, aiming to bring forward a one of a kind musical experience that bridges arts and technology.

Dedicated to delivering realness in the sound design, Rubyoung has developed a patented sound engieering technology that exceeds every industry standard for sound loss processing. It renders a unique clarity and warmth to the sound.

Rubyoung will continue honing its craft in sound art and design. We promise to bring you more authentic and forward-thinking art products.

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It sounds incredible! Nice Gift idea!

Flossy Carter

I compared Rubyoung R630 and Teufel boomster NG, I have to say I prefer Ruboung R630, it sounds and definition is quite nice, clean, and smooth, so it's quite nice quality, doesn’t see any limits. The picture you can customize, look pretty cool!

Oluv's Gadgets

Its beat is quite heavy. It looks classic, nice, and stylish, simple and nice leathery look on the side, front panel you can order any of you want, and I greatly like all the wires here have foam around them for isolation and huge speakers and magnets.

Shak's Hacks

I do have to say with the Rubyoung speaker the bass performance is the best if you have room to fill it up, like for a bigger room and some distance between the person and speaker.

Techder Audios