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Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker R830

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Color — Ruby Red
Speaker Cover
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240W Max Power

Powerful Sound with Clarity

Exceptional Realness in Sound

Every Detail Captured

Customizable Speaker Look

Show Off Your Personal Style

With Cover

No Cover

Drag the arrow above left or right to preview the speaker with speaker cover or without

Your journey of sound and color begins here.

Customize Now

Enjoy music at every home corner with up to 30 meter Bluetooth connection range

Adding colors and vibrance on different level to your house, R830 makes leaving home much harder.

No matter where you are in the house, the music won't stop and the vibe won't pause.

Sounds real, feels like power

With Current Mode Amplification sound technology, R830 can reach the bottom of the sound with every hidden detail captured and delivered to the surface with as low as 0.0002% of distortion.

The combo of customized woofers and tweeters makes the speaker as loud as you want with 240 Watts of power in store.

  • Customizable Design

  • Craftsmanship

A piece of furniture art.

Decorate your home with our signature speaker cover with any image of your choice.

Be it a classic painting, a photograph or illustration, the speaker can turn into whatever style you wish to be.

Handcrafted with premium HiFi standard, R830 is made with the beautiful mixture of Nappa leather and HDF wood.

It renders the speaker a closehood to us, with the warmth brought by handcrafts and leather.

Three professional modes to satisfy all your music needs.

  • Outdoor


  • HiFi


  • Ambient


What others say...

I compared Rubyoung R630 and Teufel boomster NG, I have to say I prefer Ruboung R630, it sounds and definition is quite nice, clean, and smooth, so it's quite nice quality, doesn’t see any limits. The picture you can customize, look pretty cool!

Oluv's Gadgets

Its beat is quite heavy. It looks classic, nice, and stylish, simple and nice leathery look on the side, front panel you can order any of you want, and I greatly like all the wires here have foam around them for isolation and huge speakers and magnets.

Shak's Hacks

I do have to say with the Rubyoung speaker the bass performance is the best if you have room to fill it up, like for a bigger room and some distance between the person and speaker.

Techder Audios

Highly Trusted by Our Partners

Rubyoung is featured in the top five luxury department stores in the world, namely, Selfridges (London), Printemps (Paris), KaDeWe (Berlin), La Rinascente (Rome & Milan).

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Very good service attitude and after-sales service

Definitely the happiest shopping ever, the store has a very good service attitude and after-sales service is also

linda du
very good service attitude

It is definitely the happiest shopping, the store has a very good service attitude, and the after-sales service is also

The sound effect is good.

The sound effect is good, but the panel has not arrived, and it has been waiting for more than a week.

Rebort Lee
It’s pretty good.

It’s pretty good. The speaker has been used for many days. The workmanship of the speaker is also very exquisite. The sound quality of the speaker is worth the price, especially the bass. The time feels very easy to use, and the black friday price is very impressive...

Daniel Martino
Big, rich, analog sound

The best book shelf speakers Ive ever owned. Big unwavering sound even at high volume.


What is the difference between the R630 and R830?

* Power supply method: Both are plug-in home speakers;
* Usage scenario: R630 applies: such as bedroom, living room, studio, study, etc.; R830 applies: such as large flats, duplex buildings, dance studios, large shops, etc.;
* Connection method: Both models support Bluetooth and AUX connection (note: AUX is a 3.5mm audio cable interface) and optical connection (can be connected to a vinyl record player);
* Difference in sound quality: R630 has a soft, warm and delicate sound, while R830 has a thick, full and explosive sound;
* Power difference: R830>R630; the peak power of R830 is 240w, which is twice the power of R630, which is 120w;
* Appearance difference: the size is the same, the color and leather are different (R630 life home series chooses the popular Birmingham jazz green, moonlight white, mocha brown three kinds of high-grade microfiber leather appearance, R830 adventurer series selected Italian Imported Alcantara suede blue, Nappa Nappa samurai black and ruby ​​red two kinds of microfiber leather appearance);
* Other supplementary functions: Both speakers support customizable replacement panels; R630 Life Enthusiast is a stylish choice for personal listening and small social gatherings, and R830 Adventurer is a performance choice for those who pursue extreme performance and unique personality.

How about the sound quality?

R630, as life enthusiast, incorporates classic HiFi sound quality into Bluetooth speakers, delivering warm and high-fidelity sound;
The custom speakers used in the R630 series are equipped with Magellan crease technology. The 120W power not only has rich sound energy but also delivers a delicate and pure sense of hearing; it is suitable for listening to pure music, folk, pop, jazz and R&B that focus on vocal and Musical style of musical instrument texture.
R830 is a plug-in home audio system; built-in 3 custom chips: using the current mode audio amplifier group chip, the American ADI DSP intelligent frequency division chip and the American Qualcomm 3031 flagship chip; combined with the full digital link lossless system, the sound distortion is extremely high Low, high sound reproduction, can achieve ≤ 0.0002% distortion, and has three major patents; supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio cable, and optical input interface.

Can be connected to the projector?

There are three connection methods for Rubyoung speakers, optical fiber, bluetooth, and AUX analog input.
1. Optical fiber: optical fiber interface, which can be connected to TV and set-top boxes;
2. Using the Bluetooth 5.1 standard and adding an exclusive R&D RF enhancement module, the wireless transmission distance has been increased to 30 meters; the R630 adopts the US microchip Bluetooth chip, and the R830 adopts the US Qualcomm 3031 flagship chip.
3. AUX analog input: It is a traditional 3.5mm interface, which can be connected to a vinyl record player.

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